Lung Cancer

The world is getting older and the earth is getting unhealthy. There are a lot of pollutions everywhere. People are not aware to the earth. They don’t really care that the pollution can bring many kinds of diseases. The pollutions such as smoke, chemical wastes, solid wastes and many others can contaminate our water, earth and also air and everyday we need those elements. It means that we are using contaminated water and air and also live on contaminated soil. Those pollutants can cause cancers. When we grow food on contaminated soils, the plant will absorb dangerous materials and when we eat the food, the dangerous materials will remain in our body for years. When we consume contaminated water the pollutant will also stay in our body. All of those pollutants can cause many diseases such as cancer. The most dangerous cancer is when we inhaling contaminated air. The pollutants will directly affect our breath system. At first, will get cough because the air we inhale is not clean. When we inhale dirty air continuously, the effect will be very dangerous because the pollutants can cause lung cancer. Lung cancer is very dangerous because it can make our lung stop working and when it stops working, we will die because there are no oxygen supplies to the whole body.

Lung cancer is caused by the uncontrolled development of lung cells. The cells in the lung become uncontrolled because the pollutant has changed the genes code inside the cells. Since it is changed, the cells grow rapidly and form a swollen inside the lungs. The swollen can close the air circulation and at the end the lungs can not absorb oxygen and it will not supply oxygen to the whole body. When the cancer becomes malignant it can spread through the blood stream. When the seed of the cancer has spread through the blood stream, you will face greater danger because you don’t know where other cancer cell will grow. There are many things that you can do to stop the cancer. You can go to doctor and if it is possible you do lung surgery. Your lungs will be taken and replaced by another lung. This surgery is very expensive and furthermore, you need to find lung donor to give you the lung that matches with you.

If you don’t want to get lung cancer, you can protect your self from pollution by wearing masker. Smoking is believed to be the greatest factor that can cause lung cancer because the smoke is inhaled directly to the lungs. Therefore, avoid smoking or if there is someone else smoking around you, you’d better go from that place. There are many articles that you can read if you want to know more about lung cancer. Just open your internet and find one that you need.