Amega Worldwide Zero Point Energy Wand — Your Body's Healing Partner — Wand The World !!

Zero Point Field Energy, or I believe more accurately stated, Zero Point Field Resonance, has its origin somewhere between ancient natural therapeutic wisdom and futuristic technology.

I am not a scientist and do not pretend to understand all aspects of this subject matter. However, it is my desire to give the reader a glimpse of the wonderful advantages and life-changing possibilities that reside in the action of allowing our bodies to be reminded of the disease-free state they were in once upon a time.

Albert Einstein and Otto Stern who actually created the German term “Nullpunktsenergie”, later translated to “Zero Point Energy” proposed the concept of Zero Point Field Energy back around 1913. What exactly is it though.. and why is it so relevant today?

When we look at an object under the powerful lens of a microscope, any object, as you delve down deep into the structure of the object, everything appears similar. Continuing even deeper, we find the sub-atomic range. But between these sub-atomic particles is what is known as Zero Point Field Energy.

In the interest of space allotted for this article, I will not attempt to get any more technical than the above paragraph. Suffice it to say that when this Zero Point Energy or Resonance is directed at anything… such as a plant, water, wine, a dog, our bodies, etc., incredible results begin to occur in the recipient object. Results that I dare say, if I were to describe in detail here, would not be believable to the great majority of the readers.

Incredible results have been recently surfacing as stories are being told of so-called “miraculous healings”. People who have old, even lifelong injuries or are suffering from lengthy diseases are reportedly finding their maladies have disappeared… sometimes within minutes of being ‘wanded’.  What do I mean when I use the term, “wanded”?  I’ll explain in a moment.

It is, however, extremely important to note that this Zero Point Field Energy or whatever device conveys it into an object or a person is not the source of whatever healing might occur. Whether this energy is delivered from a pendant, a wand-type instrument, ingested, or any other vehicle, clearly it is not any type of voodoo, magic, mind control or any other such nonsense. It is not the object of delivery that brings the astounding results so many are experiencing, oftentimes instantaneously. Instead, as alluded to above, it is simply a vehicle allowing the cells in our bodies that are experiencing pain to be reminded that they should return to their ‘Source’, or back to a near-homeostasis condition, i.e., a natural state prior to pain and disease.

It appears, at this writing, that the most intensive, concentrated manner in which to apply Zero Point Field Energy is through a device shaped like an ink pen referred to as a ‘wand.’ This stainless steel wand is directed at an object (or a person) and rotated in a clockwise motion with emphasis on the area in which one is desiring to see a positive effect.  There is no need to actually make physical contact with the recipient but the closer the point of the wand is placed near the intended area, the more intense the invisible laser-like stream can affect its target.  If aimed toward a person, this energy instantly reminds the natural healing properties of the body to go back to source or regulate back to their condition prior to pain and/or disease.

Various tests have been undertaken in order to get even more undeniable proof of what Zero Point Field Energy is capable of affecting. One such test involves slicing a lemon into pieces. The pieces of the lemon are wanded for approximately thirty seconds. The slices are then given to volunteers for a taste test. The lemon, in virtually each experience tastes sweet and delicious.

Then the other slices which had not been wanded are given to the same people. Each time, the participant(s) are astonished at the sour taste of the unwanded, pieces of the lemon, many times to the point of needing to spit it out.  The same type of test results can be found with foods and drinks such as apples, oranges, coffee, soda, etc.   Other experiments have shown cheap wine transformed into what appears to be very expensive wine after being wanded.  

It is safe to say that there has now been a sufficient amount of experimenting and testing on food and drinks that when they are targeted by a stream of zero point field energy, almost without exception they are revitalized, energized and more natural tasting.  Beverages seem to take on a much smoother tone as the actual makeup of the unnatural additives and other properties are transformed into natural ones.  Some tests reveal that water appears to remain energized at least a week or more after being wanded for less than 30 seconds!

Those fortunate enough to have a wand are wanding virtually everything they eat and drink as well as themselves, their pets, and those around them who request it.

Unfortunately, in the times we live in, our bodies are being constantly but invisibly bombarded by electromagnetic and other fields harmful to our immune system.  Cell phones, televisions, and computers are just a few of the electronics most of us use every day.  Without protection from the their harmful invading fields, our bodies can experience significant imbalances leading to serious immune system deficiencies.  What follows can take the form of anything from heart disease to fibromyaligia to cancer.

There are new testimonials coming in literally on a daily basis as to the wonders of properly applied Zero Point Field Energy. People speak of pains from all areas of their bodies that have completely disappeared. Pains such as chronic migraines, knee, neck, and back pains to name just a few. Some are reporting astonishing changes in their pets as well. Reports of bedridden dogs with e-coli and other debilitating diseases and sicknesses that, after being wanded with Zero Point Field Energy, are running and jumping with new life within minutes. They too are not being revived and revitalized by any sort of magic wand. Their bodies are simply being reminded of their condition prior to the sickness or disease. Then the God-given healing power of the body moves in the direction of returning to homeostasis once again.

I have just discussed only the tip of the iceberg here. But I hope you have received at least a glimmer of why Mr. Einstein’s contention of long ago is so relevant today. Through modern technology, Zero Point Energy is affecting people in very positive, if not astounding ways with absolutely zero side effects simply by reminding the body of the direction to which it must return to make itself whole.

Almost everyone who hears of, and definitely those who see what is taking place with Zero Point Field Resonance, especially via this pen-like wand, is simply blown away. It truly is a mind-staggering concept to wrap your brain around.

The wand is so effective that there are now, unfortunately, bogus counterfeit wands being manufactured by unscrupulous individuals. DO NOT BE FOOLED or attracted due to a lower price tag. They have been tested and they do not work. There is only one company that has this AMized® Fusion Technology (see link below).

After what I’ve heard and seen, I am a true believer.   I have become a distributor of Zero Point Energy products. Needless to say, this is also a Major Business Opportunity for those of you who can recognize it… and I truly do mean “Major”.   I hope you all will join me and open up a brand new world of health and wealth for you and your loved ones… starting right now!  Wand The World !!